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Unhung Art

Tossed by the Waves

Tossed by the Waves

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An original framed artwork 107 x 107cm, acrylic on archival mountboard, framed and ready to hang.  Signed by the artist.

Please note that the framed image shows the painting wrapped for transit. 

This artist exhibits regularly in the UK, mostly in the South of England and states: ‘‘All my work begins in front of the subject, whether in the urban landscape or the countryside. I allow my eyes to relax and my thoughts to absorb what is around me, so that from the initial sketch I make a response to my surroundings. Back in my studio I interpret my sketches into paintings that once started often dictate changes and further responses to colour and shapes that I recollect from my original interpretation.

‘’As an abstract painter, it is very important for me to keep the ‘idea’ of the original reaction to a given space and allow the viewer room for their own interpretations as well.

Some of my work is intimate, some giving depth in space and air. The density of colour, its transparency or opacity, the layers that build up the painting are designed to add richness to forms within the flatness of the paper or mount card support.

My work is an ongoing journey. So far the end is not in sight!

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