Information for Artists

Unhung Art provides a solution for UK-based artists who have permanent gallery representation or have been selected for three or more major UK Society Art shows. If you have older, unsold artwork that doesn't align with your current stock, Unhung Art offers to sell it online anonymously, giving it a chance to be displayed on someone's wall while creating space in your studio. The concept behind Unhung Art is to sell these paintings through a reliable website where buyers select artwork based solely on its merit, without knowing the artists' names. Therefore, the website does not display any artist names, only the artwork for sale. To be considered for Unhung Art, artists meeting the aforementioned criteria can submit an email with images of their work and a detailed CV containing exhibition information, which will be reviewed by the Unhung Art selection committee. Unhung Art reserves the right to decline artwork that doesn't meet their selection criteria.

Please get in touch for full terms and conditions.