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Unhung Art

Great Dixter, Sunken Garden, September

Great Dixter, Sunken Garden, September

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An original oil on canvas, 100cm x 70cm. Unframed. 

This artist is fascinated by the effect that light can have on colour and has spent decades perfecting their vision. Mainly based around landscape and garden settings they use a full range of electrically charged mark-making skills in order to capture the atmosphere and energy of the scene in they’re creating. 

Photographs are taken at the scene over many months or even years and then collages are created from these digitally adjusted images to act as an aide memoire in the studio. Pieces range from 20cm to 300cm. 

The artist has been exhibiting since the late 80s and has exhibited in the RA Summer show as well as the Discerning Eye and ROI. The artist has also had large solo exhibitions around the country in the last few years. 

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